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Shooting continues!

2014-03-26 10.43.54

So – the shots from the birch forest are now all nearly done, I have to say
they turned out very atmospheric!
Andres Tenusaar has helped us animating some shots too, which has been great.
All the panning, zooms and tilts of the camera are done manually – frame by frame. By either moving the camera inch by inch, or by moving the glasses manually using a turning handle. Doing it like this, creates a less smooth movement, which suits the aesthetics of the film. If the film is made on a multiglas animation table- it should be done all the way like that!
Not suddenly start using digital pans and things, that can look very mechanical.

In one of the shots we did, the aim was to capture the children’s perspective as they are walking through the birch forest. All the foliage had to be right up close to the children’s eyes, and slip away as they walked through it. For this shot, Sergei was sitting up on top of the camera rostrum. While he was moving the camera frame by frame towards the glass table, Andres was animating the plants brushing past gradually, as the forest opens up.
There was also insects flying, and a beautiful spiderweb with a spider climbing past. The web was made by Külli. The web had to be fitted on to the glass by several hands for the web not to be broken.

I won´t share so many stills just yet, as it´s a secret off course until the premiere! But here is one from the previous mentioned shot, and some from the set building.

Sequence 01

Sequence 01_1

Birch-forest scene

This week we have been building a atmospheric birch-forest on the animation table.
It looks like a world I´d happily wander into!

The birches in front layers are moulded and painted with watercolour, while the birch trees at the back are made of translucent Yupo paper. The branches and leaves are made of wire covered with paper and painted, as well as the birch leaves.

Birch forest